A Halloween Wedding…


Halloween Wedding

My very geeky, quirky, strange friend Bryan, is getting married. He found an equally tattooed, cool, beautifully strange woman on a website for the band, Skinny Puppy. They found that they have a lot in common, including the love of horror movies and a hatred for sweet peas.

The thing is that Bryan has been our roommate now for seven years after a severe breakup with a girlfriend and now Michelle, his new love is spending all of her spare time with Bryan in our home. They have found an apartment together and will be moving in on October 15th and so now my daughter Lara, whom I’ve lived with in her home since I have become disabled with multiple sclerosis, and I are just getting used to the idea of life without Bryan.  He has become such a valuable support system for us and has helped so very much in doing things that I cannot do for myself. we are truly going to miss him, especially because he is so damn funny.


Both Lara and I are extremely happy for them. And at the same time are scared about losing Bryan from our household, even though they are moving only about 5 min. from us so that they can be available if we need help. What a very dear friend is he.  At the same time, it will be wonderful to have the garage cleaned out since Bryan is a computer technician and half of the garage is jam packed with all of his shit.


I don’t believe that Bryan’s brother, the minister will have any problem with this bit of Halloween awesomeness since he went to China five or six times trying to get his mail order bride to the United States! The laws are very strict in China, a communist country and are not giving up their citizens very easily. It is been over two years now and still she is not here.  Thing is that he is good-looking, is at genius level intelligence, has a good job and still has not been able to find an American woman to love. This wonderful youth minister is a really good guy and deserves all the happiness that life has to offer. We are all praying that she gets here soon, safe and sound and that they live happily ever after.


So, back to the wedding. I told my wonderful Ethiopian health care aide, Tenaye, about this exciting adventure, and she was absolutely astonished. Although happy for Bryan and Michelle, she could not get over the idea of a Halloween wedding. Since Halloween is a foreign holiday to Ethiopians it really gives her the creeps. When she first came here to America seven years ago and for the first time went to her apartment she found herself surrounded by her neighbor’s front doors with skeletons, jack-o’-lanterns, and frightening masks with blood oozing out of the skin. Not knowing about this strange cultural phenomenon she was afraid to even come out of her front door, not knowing what she was going to be greeted with thinking it may be some sort of ritualistic religion, or bizarre cult. Of course, now she knows more about it and is not frightened although she did say that she will not be coming to the wedding! And by the way she is now studying for her citizenship!


Wish me luck, boys and girls. For I know not what I’ve gotten myself into. I am just relenting and giving up control and trusting that it will all go well.  It is sure to be a memorable Halloween. I will post some pictures of the wedding at a later time… I’m sure it’s going to be beautiful…for how could it be otherwise since the two people getting married are beautiful themselves.


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