There Is Nothing So Bad You Cannot Find Something Good In It


My quest to live an optimistic life of positivity and living on the bright side of the street have brought me rewards beyond compare, beyond any monetary reward. Our beloved dog, Joe, died recently and our hearts are broken. He was my daughter’s dog, and she has taken this so hard . For almost a week, she has been inconsolable and has finally gotten on track.


Joe loved to eat corn right off the cob. We had no idea what a bad idea it was to indulge him in this very funny and adorable treat. One night he started to throw up and the  next morning he got very, very sick so Lara took him to the vet. Before this incident we had no idea that anything was wrong with him. He was his good old playful self, and eating regular meals. The Dr. had no idea what was wrong with him and after doing x-rays and a multitude of tests decided they needed to do exploratory surgery where they found a chunk of corncob stuck in his intestinal tract. His colon was so damaged by our tragic ignorance, and the decision was made to euthanize the poor little guy. He would never have survived the surgery. It was just too late. The vet said the corncob had in their for couple of weeks and was slowly destroying his intestines.


We had always been on the lookout to make sure he wasn’t eating any of the cob but just the corn itself. And yet he swallowed a piece of goddamn corncob. Lara spent

so much time beating herself up, wailing in grief that she had killed her dog. He was only six years old and it was his birthday when he left us so suddenly. She had him cremated and so he will always be with us, certainly in spirit. He was wonderful dog.

And yet, something amazing has happened from this horrible incident. My daughter has now seen that she needs to be more in the present, to pay attention to what is going on around her and to appreciate the ones she loves while they are here. There are meet ups for spiritually minded people where there are speakers every Friday night and she has gone to several of them and they have made a world of difference to her. I have the feeling that Joe’s spirit is guiding her to change her life and to be a happy, well-adjusted, open person. I am so proud of her. I have always been the spiritual one among us, and she has been stubbornly resisting. Sometimes it takes a god-awful experience to put us on the right path and to teach us what we need to learn.


Since I have multiple sclerosis, and paralyzed and living in a wheelchair I live with her in her home. It has not always been easy, and there have been many lessons for both of us to learn. My father always tells me that there is nothing so bad that you cannot find something good in it.  Which reminds me,  I need to call him. Dad is living in a nursing home which is actually enjoying, thank the powers that be. I haven’t told him yet about our dog dying, but I know you will be so understanding. He had a dog as well for many years and he also was about six years old when he ate some rat poison under his neighbor’s house and died. And so, as the saying goes,” Shit Happens.”


We have a new dog coming into our lives in about seven weeks and we have already named him Buddha.


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