About Renae Clare

Renae Clare has had multiple sclerosis for over 40 years. She has written a book entitled Potty Mouth which is an about her life learning to live with this disease and with the difficulties she has encountered. The book is a deeply moving account of the lessons she has learned along the way while at the same time encompassing Renae’s wickedly profane sense of humor.the book will be released sometime towards the end of May.

While going to therapy over a period of time, Renae would write essays before each of  her therapy sessions. At some point her therapist suggested putting them all into book form and getting published. Although this seemed monumental at the time, Renae forged ahead and so her book came to life.
Potty Mouth is deeply moving and at the same time is laugh out loud funny. It is written for the purpose of helping not only herself,  but others, to gain and keep her self worth and self respect

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  1. lori says:

    Whats you email I want to send you something.

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