MS And A Bucket Of PEE


Having MS is really a mess and it seems that my brain function is a little off. I have always considered myself a very common sense kind of person, and now it seems that my common sense has fled the scene.

I keep an organizer on my wheelchair arm so that at night I can reach my reading glasses, earplugs, medication, etc. etc. and also, my cell phone. Every now and then the whole thing falls and things are scattered all over the floor. This time however, my cell phone fell into a bucket of urine… That’s right, a bucket of pee. Not funny, right? Particularly because my daughter had to fish it out, clean it off the best she could, and wait until the next day to see if it was still usable, stinky or not.


Well, alas, the cell phone met an early death by drowning in a sea of urine. Poor thing. It’s not as if it fell in the rain into a puddle on the sidewalk or got trampled on by a stampeding horse. No, it was a bucket of Pee that was its demise. Hell of a way to go. They you rest in peace. I know, of course, that things are not made to last forever. However, this is probably not what they had in mind, and nor did I.

Lesson learned. No more draining  a catheter bag into the bucket at night. What a stupid idea that was thinking that it would be easier in the morning. Thinking I had had not served me right in this particular instance. But, oh well, what can you do? I learned my lesson and I learned well. My daughter was not pleased with this whole incident as you can well imagine.

The wonderful thing is that Lara my daughter went to Verizon and got me a new phone. So when I woke up in the morning there it was charging on the counter. Hallelujah! Another dilemma solved. Another humiliation just shoved under the rug.

Life gives us opportunities to learn and grow every day. Self acceptance, patience, sense of humor, just letting things go.  A cell phone soaked in urine is certainly one of those opportunities. Now that it is over and the situation is handled I can laugh about it. At the time it did not seem one damn bit funny.


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1 Response to MS And A Bucket Of PEE

  1. Henry(akaHank) Bonk says:

    Have foleyand you won’t have to contend with a bucket of pee. That’s not exactly a plus because UTIs become a problem.

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