Remember This, That Very Little is Needed to Make a Happy Life…


I have been reading many books on spirituality lately and they all have one thing in common; Gratitude. A couple of them from great spiritual leaders have said the same thing which is to wake up every morning and write down things that you are grateful for.  One book in particular suggested to write down 10 things every morning for one month and you will be amazed at how many things that you are actually grateful for. Gratitude and pessimism are impossible to occupy the same space together. If you are thinking of things you are grateful your mind cannot be concentrating on gloominess. If you are concentrating on what you don’t you can never be in a place of joy in your brain at the same time. Our human brains are only capable of thinking of one thing at a time. So if you keep your mind on positivity, on what is good in your life, and on what are you are thankful for you could change the pattern of your life to one of happiness and live a much more fulfilling life.

Yes, multiple sclerosis is a bitch and yet what I have chosen to do is to concentrate on what I can do to make my health and well-being stronger and not let a damned disease take away the good parts of me. It is by choice, and I choose to do all in my power to heal my body and to not focus on what is wrong, but on what is right and what I can do to make everything in my life better.


My diet has changed dramatically. I think two large glasses of vegetable juice every day. I have given up sugar, gluten, dairy products, meat, and all fried foods. The difference I feel is remarkable and it has been a gigantic leap forward into positivity and taking care of myself.  Rather than to let life get the best of me I am working on getting the best out of life…

Meditation has become another part of my daily life and it’s just another way that I can concentrate on a higher power and to find what is great about me and the magnificence inside. I have been able to cut down on my medications, I am sleeping better, I am more optimistic and cheerful, my mind is working better and I am able to concentrate on a much higher level.


Another thing that has helped me to feel better is doing my rehab exercises every day and to use the exercise machines that I have consistently every day, whether I feel like it or not.. It gets the blood flowing to my extremities and gets my brain out of the fog.

     Here is day one of my list of gratitude;

 1.     I am grateful for my electric wheelchair because it keeps the mobile and able to do so many things that otherwise I would not be able to do.

2.      2.   I am grateful for my wonderful home health aide who helps me with so many things throughout the day and who has become my friend

3.       3.   I am grateful for for my children who have grown up to the such wonderful human beings.

4.      4.     I am grateful for my wonderful juicer because it gives me such nutritious, delicious food for each and every day.

5.       5.    I am grateful for my computer which keeps me connected to  the world and to the wonderful people I have met on Facebook.

6.      6.   I am grateful to God, because give me the strength and knowledge to get through any hardship I face.

7.        I am grateful for my Samsung galaxy 10 reader because I am an avid reader and it makes it so much easier to read. All the wonderful books that have come to my attention.

8. I am grateful for mangoes because it is my favorite fruit.

9.  I am grateful to live in the United States, where we have so much to be grateful for such as freshwater and good foods to choose from.

10.  I am grateful for the four seasons which bring us so much beauty.

ImageYou can read more funny, sad, tender, real-life stories of my life lived with MS in my book, Potty Mouth.

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