15 Things I Am Doing To Clean Up My Life


15 Things I Am Doing  To Clean Up My Life

 The universe is talking to me and I am listening more and more.

I have been paying attention to the clues being strewn about my life. . They seem to be coincidences that bring to the forefront this aching inside of me for  God or The Universal One or the Source or whatever name you want to call the ultimate power. This seems to be a whirlwind of change going on inside me and I am giving it up to the higher source and letting it be what it is.


 My main goal is to heal my body. Not through to the traditional means, because that has not been working for me. There are no medicines. There is no cure for what ails me and so I have been led to other sources of healing. And I have done some very dramatic things in order to start the process of healing myself.


1.    1.       Speaking in an optimistic and positive tone and intent at all times. Knowing that pessimism and living on the dark side will only drag me down

2. 2.      Not having Judgment of others. We’re all going through life doing the best we can. We can never know what anyone else has gone through. Love them anyway.


3.  3.    Realizing that love is really all there is and that nothing else matters. Underneath everything we are all yearning for love.

4. 4 .    Not watching any violence on TV or movies. I love Oprah Winfrey’s network and watch many of her programs. And I love cooking shows. And documentaries that lift the spirit. And The Voice.  The important thing is to realize that negativity attracts negativity and vice versa.

5. 5.     Be open-minded and listen and learn new things. We are here on earth to expand.


6.  6.    Drink lots of water. It is nature’s cleanser.

7.  7.    Meditation has a brought so much peace and openness to my life. It is opening up space for God, Spirit, The One or whichever name you choose to be able to  speak to you. And pray, which is you talking to God.


8.   8.    I spread only funny, optimistic, touching or spiritual messages and post on Facebook and Twitter. Everything else I ignore. I am working on stopping any negativity from entering my world. And I certainly do not want to spread that…

9 9.     Listen and pay attention to your intuition. You will guide you. It is a very powerful force.

1   10.    Don’t let anyone else take away your joy, your dream, your calling, your talents. This is your life to live and you were meant to be happy. I learned the hard way. And we all learn at our own pace. So don’t judge anyone else, least of all of yourself and live your life with happiness.


1111..Forgive anyone who has ever hurt you. By hanging on to that negativity you hurt only yourself and it spreads to everyone around you.


1112. Be grateful for everything in your life. Even the horrors in your life are there to teach something. Count your blessings. Every day. Living a life with gratitude doesn’t leave much time for hate or resentment or the need for more stuff.


1. 13.    Juicing has become a way of life. I am drinking 2 to 3 large glasses of green vegetables every day and I am feeling remarkably better.

4114.  Eat. the way nature intended without additives, processing, without added sugar fats, or preservatives. We are given this body and it is our duty to take care of it.


1. 15.   One of the most dramatic changes that I have made is in my diet. I now believe that it is absolutely possible to heal ourselves from disease. I am doing the following; me to free, dairy free, gluten free, sugar-free, very little fact and eating as much fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds and grains as I like. Oh, and no sodas or carbonated drinks. Can say it was so easy, but it certainly is all worth it.


1  Little by little I am feeling better and gaining more strength and stamina. My attitude is better. I am more optimistic and more able to do things for others  which is really my calling in life. I am perfect just the way I am. And I am striving to be better. Blessings to all of you.

You can read more funny, sad, tender, real-life stories of my life lived with MS in my book, Potty Mouth.

You can find more pictures and my thoughts on Facebookhttp://www.facebook.com/RenaeClare
 renaeclare@twitter and on my blog page right here http://thepottymouthbook.me/If you are interested in learning more about how to get my book, if you  want an inspiring story, if you have a love of reading or if you need information about disabilities check out the Potty Mouth website. Thank you so much and I wish you well http://www.thepottymouthbook.com/ Front Cover    Image

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3 Responses to 15 Things I Am Doing To Clean Up My Life

  1. Renae, you have taken the words right out of my mouth! I LOVE this positive post. And I am in the process of doing all you are doing too. As you say the diet thing isn’t easy at first, but you know, when I see anything processed or fatty now it makes me wince. I just love eating good food I know can only be healing.

    We can and we will heal ourselves! I have, in my opinion, no talent for art at all.I draw stick men! But I have recently bought some oil pastels and I am simply playing with colour. . My aim is to produce a sunset. And I am doing all this with my left hand (I am right handed) as my right hand doesn’t want to co-operate anymore. It is not to blame. so I am now letting it enjoy its retirement and be an observer. I wont even get cross if it has a good laugh at left hand’s efforts! 🙂

    Love xx

  2. BA says:

    Thank you. This just goes to show how true it is that when the student is ready, the teacher appears. I came out of childhood with such pain, fear, anger and isolation (for protection) and carried it all into my adult life. I know now that the alcoholism and gambling addiction that came later was really a huge wake-up call to learn to live differently. I have come to believe that these 15 things you name, and for me a couple of 12 Step programs, is the only way through it all to whatever happens next. This crazy world with all it’s heart-wrenching isms will have to revolve without me for a while. I need to take care of myself.

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