Great Wisdom From Owls

If we really pay attention to the animals. We can learn so much. They don’t care who has the finest car, with the prettiest bracelet, or the most likes on their Facebook page. Each animal has its own lesson to teach and just like animals, we as humans are each beautiful in our own way. And we have ever so much to teach.


Forgive everyone. It is the finest way towards freedom, joy and peace of mind.


Be grateful for even the smallest of things.Image

Never watch the news; particularly at night before you go to sleep.


A smile is a gift to everyone.

Do you want to be happy? Or do you want to be right?  (A Dr. Phil-ism)


Live a life of optimism


Buy a juicer and use it every day.


Get plenty of rest.


Exercise your body to the best of your ability.


Read books that will exercise your mind and your spirit.


Drink plenty of water.


Do not spread lies or gossip. The only one it will hurt is yourself.


Be generous with your hugs.


Pay it forward.


Do something kind for someone and don’t tell anyone about it.


Be generous with your praise and stingy with your criticism.


Be kind to one another.


Be kind to yourself.

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3 Responses to Great Wisdom From Owls

  1. Jan says:

    I love this post! In fact all your post’s are eagely awaited, read and really helpful and enjoyed!

    Your Dad is getting looked after and I hope things are getting better. Am sending love light and blessings xx

  2. What a wonderful post! You ispire me!

    My poetry book is on its way to you! 🙂


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