Searching for A Grateful, Peaceful, Joyful Life

Searching for A Grateful, Peaceful, Joyful LifeImage

Yesterday my daughter, Lara,  surprised me with a present for me out of the blue. It’s  a very high end juicing machine. And let me tell you, it is great!. The purpose is to help me  to feel better. I have had MS for 40 years, which includes, pain, paralysis, spasms and this God damned brain fog, which is never ending.

Lara made the decision to make these wonderful vegetable and fruit juices. She came home with kale, spinach, collard greens, carrots, beat juices, celery, etc. etc. and so now she makes either a special juice or smoothly every night and prepares a Super packed vegetable drink for breakfast in the morning. She leaves one for me in the refrigerator and takes one to work. Yahoo!! I am so happy and so grateful. And never again will we have to throw away rotten vegetables sitting in the refrigerator for too long!

And so after doing a lot of research about the benefits of juicing she came home with a grocery bag stuffed with all kinds of organic green vegetables, including many of which I had never tried before. And let me tell you, the concoctions that she has come up with are totally delicious. I am drinking  one right now. And I have a green foamy mustache.


The point here is ask, and ye shall receive. In my mind I had been thinking about a juicing machine for quite some time and just had not made up my mind on how to do this on my limited income. I mentioned this offhand to Lara a couple of times but  I had  never expected this gorgeous machine to show up at my doorstep. God works in mysterious ways. Indeed.

Coincidentally?  I think not. The name of this wonderful machine is Super Angel Living Juice Extractor. Isn’t that just so cool?

Meditation has become part of my daily routine. Not only does it bring less stress and more peace of mind in order to forget about your worries and woes of the day, it also makes even the small things in life show up as  miracles. When you wake up and you realize the small little things that happened  you begin to notice bigger and bigger events happening. The universe passes on hints and messages all the time. Books that you were meant to read will unexpectedly be mentioned on a television show which happened recently when I was watching Oprah Winfrey’s network where Marianne Williamson was featured and she mentioned the book .” A Course In Miracles,” seriously an extraordinary book and one that I would recommend who is interested in religion or higher powers or God or spirituality or any of that serious stuff. I love it! And had I not been watching Super Soul Sunday. I would have never found out about that amazing book. Perfect book at the perfect time. Websites that you were meant to pay attention to will show up  on a. Myface page or post. Or perhaps somebody will mention  a great event that you surely should not miss.


Because of the book that I have read called.” Autobiography of a Yogi” I have been looking very seriously for a course to study the values and understandings of all religions. Or rather non-religions because I believe that we all come from the same God and we are all searching in our own ways. Through reading the book I have come to the realization that the teachings of Jesus Christ, Buddha, Mohammed and many others are the same teachers that I am studying and throughout the ages  have been such masters spread throughout the world in order to enlighten the peoples of the world.

As I look back on it now I can see how everything that has taken place in my life has led me to a new chapter, to a new perspective. And on a new spiritual journey. Even my extremely devastating divorce led me to the perfect therapist and got me to see, because she herself is spiritual and that her specialty is in dealing with people with multiple sclerosis and chronic diseases that I am the only one who is in control of my life that and to be living without guilt or blame is truly a blessing. Although at that time it seemed like living through hell.  I have actually gotten into a place now where I have forgiven  that dastardly bastard in order to move on with my own life. Well, at least I’m almost there!

I feel blessed to be born in a country where I can freely use  the Internet to study  about anything under the sun and beyond.

My focus now is to find out as much as I could about healing my body from the effects of multiple sclerosis . The medical profession says that MS is incurable, but since I have been on a different path. I believe that there are ways in which to heal. Anything at all that has a positive connotation because I refuse to live with negativity anymore.


Therefore, the juicer has shown up in my life, my daughter is on the same page as I am. And so, since she is the one who does the shopping and cooking. It puts an extreme less amount of stress on me  to get the things I need for my healing. MS is a bitch and I am no longer able to cook or do many things for myself and I long to get all of back..

I have machines to help me exercise my arms and legs, I have an electronic reading machine, the Samsung 10.1, so I have books on hand at any moment,  I have made choices about the types of things I put into my body, such as organic, fresh vegetables and juices, no meat, no sugar, gluten free, and I am happy to report that my him the energy level has risen to a great extent!

Blessings are all around me. I have learned that forgiveness is  the number one thing that you could do to take the strain off your life. When you spend time being resentful, hateful, put upon, hurt by someone else’s actions or words. It just takes away an awful lot of time which could be spent in joy and joyful production. Which is what God, the universe, or the force wants for us, all of us; to live in happiness, joy, and love. And that is my goal. I am working on no excuses. I am working on no blame. I am working on forgiving myself and others with no shame. The past is gone, let it go. It serves no purpose except to learn and grow and forgive.


It gets easier and easier as time goes on. It gets to be habit forming and a natural form of being. I’m not where I want to be yet but I am working really hard at being as good of a human being as I Can. And I wish the same for you. To learn the lessons that say come upon pay attention to the little things. To hear the universe speaking to you and for you to live a grateful peaceful, joyful life.


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