Simple Joys Are The Best!


 My 27-year-old son came to visit me over the weekend and told me a story, something that he had observed and which had stuck in his mind in order to tell me. It was one of those times that we just don’t pay any attention to. One of those “be here now” moments which add joy to our every day.

 Some time the previous Sunday he was traveling in his car when he came across several police cars and policemen. It happened to be in front of a very large church and he decided that they were there to help with the traffic situation at this very busy intersection. As he was taking in the situation he happened to see one of his workmates and friend, Roxanne, coming out of the church. And although he tried to get her attention by waving at her, the traffic was too busy and there was just too much commotion all around.


 As he was waiting for the light to change, and the policeman to wave him on through, he was tapping his finger to the music playing on his radio he realized he was listening to the song Roxanne, by The Police. He told me that he found himself laughing out loud when he realized the irony of the situation. Here he was all by himself in the car, no witnesses to be had, laughing out loud because the same song playing on the radio was the same song that was playing out before his very eyes! Roxanne was right there before him as were the Police serenading her to her car.

 Ryan, my son, has an awesome sense of humor and realized that the universe was somehow playing a joke on him in order for all of those situations to come together at that very time just for him!


Now this is just one little moment of time in one person’s day. Just imagine the joy that we miss every day just by not paying attention. Just imagine if we could find ourselves laughing out loud for no apparent reason even though we would know in our hearts that the universe was telling us a joke. Wouldn’t that make the world even a little bit better place to live. And then just think of all the secret little smiles of people walking on the street, driving in their cars or sitting at the dentist office.


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