This Too Shall Pass


The house is very quiet today. My daughter has a migraine headache and is lying down on the couch with a wet washcloth over her eyes and our French bulldog, Joe, is lying right beside her, licking her hands and arms trying to make her all better. And I too, feel her pain. Once more This too shall pass.

Our roomy, Brian is upstairs busy in his computer room  so the only sounds I hear right now is the heater turning on and off as the temperature regulates. This is the first time in 37 years  that it has snowed here on Christmas Day. We live in Carrollton, Texas and we actually had a bit of a blizzard, which to those in the North of our grand country would sniffle at and call us a bunch of pussies. I grew up in North Dakota where snowdrifts would cover the school buses and I remember one week of that time, where we were snowed in on our farm for a full week, and mom and dad had to warm up my baby brother’s bottle with a Burns-o-matic torch..


It is of course, the ice that forms on the roads that is so treacherous, and the idiots who drive so recklessly and cause problems for everyone who drives. My friends drove from Fort Worth, Texas to Dallas for Christmas Day and they said they saw at least six car wrecks  on the way just because people weren’t such a hurry to get where they were going that they almost died in the process. W T F!

Personally, I loved the snow storm considering that I didn’t have to drive. And have not been able to for about seven years. We had gone to BIan’s family for Christmas Day, as we always do. Since we have no other family here in Texas and they have taken us in as if we were part of their disfunctional family. And Lara and I seem to fit right.  Even adding a little dysfunction of our own. We took the handicap paratransit bus to Brian’s Mom’s house and when we got there the snowfall was in full force. Some of the folks had to travel quite far and so left the party early. Again,  the bus came to pick us up and took us home with no problem whatsoever.


And wouldn’t you know it when we got home was when the bus driver who happened to be the same woman who drove us to the party let me out directly in front of Brian’s car so that I could not drive my wheelchair down the ramp to get to by the driveway. Oh Shi! So now instead of either getting me back into the bus and moving a few feet over so that I wouldn’t be right in front of the car or have  Brian come out to move his car, this dingbat bus driver told me to just drive off the side of the ramp to get through. She said there was plenty of room and I would not hurt Bryant car. So back and forth we went until she took over the controls and we got totally stuck on the ledge of the ramp. Bah Hamburg!


Meanwhile, Lara had gone into the house because it was still snowing and very cold out.

I did not want her to have to stay there since we had done this so many times before with no trouble whatsoever.

Finally, Lara came back out to see what the hell, the trouble was, and she rushed back and to get Bryan, who came out promptly and was very disgruntled, as he should have been. He could not believe what this stupid ass driver had done, including breaking off a big chunk of my wheelchair molding as she insisted that I drive over the hump.

Now, the driver is trying to tell Brian how to do this, and Bryan has this stunned look on his face and looks as though he is about to attack her. He is now, I wouldn’t say screaming at her, but very forcefully speaking about what to do. First, he went and moved his car so there was plenty of room for my wheelchair to move. Now driver and he had to try to get my wheelchair off of the ramp. My wheelchair is about 300 pounds and I am 120. Granted, she was a big strong woman, just a little ditzy in the head. After about three or four lifts my wheelchair was finally free!


Believe it or not, I couldn’t even yell at her. She looked so crestfallen and so sorry and it was Christmas Day, for God’s sake and she had been driving in the snow all day long. And so I just gave her a big hug and said Merry Christmas don’t you worry about it. And she gave me a kiss and said thank you and God bless and she was on her merry way.


All in all, a blessed day.

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2 Responses to This Too Shall Pass

  1. Lori Kiker says:

    Oh Renae I almost cried that was so sweet. Lori

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