The 100 Year Old Tortoise :-)

Image100 year old tortoise!

Happy New Year, Man! 🙂

I would love to know what he has learned throughout the years and what are his secrets to longevity. Not to mention, please beauty secrets!

So today happens to be New Year’s Day! Hallelujah! Day one. Our brand-new year. Hallelujah! 2013!

I woke up this morning feeling pretty good , what with the MS and all. No headache, no hangover, no puking. My daughter. Lara is still not feeling good, but at least it’s not from drinking binge. And our roommate Brian woke up this morning feeling fine and dandy with no hangover at all the first time in God knows how many years. His sobriety comes from being on probation since he had a DUI about six months ago and is paying his debt to society. Fortunately, he has learned his lesson, at least I think he has. Fingers crossed…


So what does all this have to do with silence? Well, the three of us are here at home. We were not partying, making fools of ourselves, and driving drunk or putting anyone else’s life in danger, including ourselves. We are safe, and snuggly at home like the old  fogies that we are although in spirit we are gallant champions. Doing the best we can with what we’ve got. Fortunately, we have each other.

After becoming disabled and needing quite a lot of care I have come to live with Lara in her home. I am so blessed to be here where I am safe and sound and deeply cared for. and Brian, my ex-boyfriend, has come to live with us as our very best friend and companion

It’s been a challenge and we have both learned so many lessons from our situation. And there have been times when as Lara puts it “One of us would be dead and the other would be spending life in prison with no chance of parole.” It is only our sense of humor has kept us as a very loving mother and daughter.


And thank God, for this first day of 2013 there are no loud sounds of barfing, whining, moaning and groaning or crying. Right now there is blissful silence. So much easier to start this brand-new day and brand-new year with no regrets of yesterday. I made a promise to myself last January 1 to live a more spiritual life and that is the New Year’s resolution I am making again this year. That’s right, the same one. Onward and upward. It’s been about two months since I started on the MS diet which is gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy free, and low-fat and I am very proud to say that I’m doing very well on this diet. I am steadfast and don’t feel deprived one little bit. I am feeling empowered to take control of my life in with whatever ways I can.

We’re going to have black-eyed peas as a wonderful addition to dinner tonight. Not just because it is a New Year’s tradition, also because they are just so yummy and heart healthy.

Lara, has decided to make a drastic change in her life and diet as well. Also, since she has been feeling so terrible lately and has finally come to a realization that if she keeps on going. the way she has been there will be dire consequences. She has gained a lot of weight in the last couple of years, is addicted to sugar, and on her way to some terrible disease. If she does not stop this shit!

Generally speaking, she is sluggish and has no energy.  When I started this  diet.hi I was excited and adamant that I was going to do this no matter what. Which was not as easy as it sounds, since I am paralyzed and rely on other people to help me. Which meant that I needed Lara to help me. And since she was feeling so horrible for the last couple of weeks it has actually been a lot harder for her than for me since she is the one who has to do the shopping and cooking just for me. And now it seems as though we are on the same page. What a Godsend!


Believe it or not, I am not a nag about her weight or her eating habits. Silence is golden. And now I feel as though part of her change came from seeing what I am doing and learning by example. She is a stubborn chick and it takes a lot for her to change in any way until push comes to shove and she needs to take care of herself or become very ill. I am so optimistic. Not only about Lara, but for myself as well. And quite some time ago I made a distinct statement that I would live more with positivity and optimism, and less with darkness and gloom. It is a choice. It is a lifestyle.


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