Starry Starry Night…


Starry Starry Night…

When I was a girl of about 13 or 14 years of age. I did something that was really quite out of character for me and I never told any of my family about it. None of my five brothers and sisters and certainly not my parents who would’ve thought that I was nuts. . Perhaps I was. I certainly felt different than anyone else in my family.


I had discovered the extraordinary beauty of the stars at night and since we lived on a farm in North Dakota it struck me as something deep within me, something I’d never felt before and something that I could not even put into words. It was glorious!

I was so awestruck that I actually got up before the sun rose in the morning, at about 430 or five o’clock, I would go outside onto the front lawn and lay down; just staring up into the sky. I was filled with such a feeling of limitlessness. There was no time. I was transported into another space.  It was magical and terrifying at the same time. Magical because you could see forever and terrified because I felt so small. And yet another part of me felt that I belonged there and I was a part of everything.


There were no sound except for the crickets chirping in the wet grass and I think that is where my first awakening happened to find Godliness. To really feel as though there is some thing more powerful than just  my human body.

Being raised as a good little Catholic girl, I was constantly on guard about what sins I would be committing and and so carefully and quietly getting out of my bedroom which I shared with my two sisters.and by sneaking out of the house just to lay down on the grass and stare up at the sky seemed like something I should keep silent about, thinking no one would understand what this was all about. Even I didn’t really understand so the feeling of wonder that I got from this was something that I want to experience over and over again. And I did.

The first time I started to think about what it was all about and why was I here on earth and what was my purpose.  Of course at that age. I didn’t have the language or the experiences of life to help me find the way. Looking back on it now I see it as a jumpstart on my spiritual journey. Which I now see as life long and then take  what we learn in this lifetime and then move onto the next.


Slowly the sun would come up and I would witness another miraculous event every morning before the rest of the family arose.

I don’t remember  exactly how many nights I did this strangely wonderful thing . And yet I do remember taking a jacket outside with me. Mostly I remember the feelings of being overwhelmed by billions of stars in the dark night and I never wanting this feeling to end. And I definitely don’t remember what brought me to do something so brilliant and stunning in the first place. Being such a scaredy-cat in my real life, being shy and introverted, and never never finding my comfort zone . Perhaps my guardian angel was there with me.  It really is quite astonishing that I would do something so weird.


If you are  interested in learning more about how to get my book, if you have MS and want an inspiring story, if you have a love of reading or if you need information about disabilities check out the Potty Mouth website. Thank  you so much and I wish you well!

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3 Responses to Starry Starry Night…

  1. M ELLIOTT says:

    No such thing as coincidence!! Your lovely story has so many shared feelings! I too am aware of who I am, and it feels right, on my spiritual journey, so far. I wonder why we chose ms? Jan


  2. Henry(akaHank) Bonk says:

    Wasn’t wierd at all, but pure innocence.

  3. Robin says:

    I look at the sky all the time now, I love to watch sunrises, and when I was 14 years old I wrote a poem about the consequences of pollution and here I am, able to connect the pollution with the MS. It is unreal, we are clairvoyant if we just stop and stare at the stars or the sunrise or into our own beings. Good catholic girls, boy can I relate.
    Blessings on this journey that is long but we journey on….

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