Sending The Universe Some Love :-)

Sending The Universe Some Love  🙂


Everybody I talk to for this whole last year is saying that time is flying, that we are in a time warp, that they just can’t believe where the time has gone! Well, that goes for me too… Christmas is right around the corner and the gift ideas were coming on the television even before Halloween. In my previous post I stated that I had made a conscious decision to live on the bright side of the street and lo and behold, that is exactly what I have been doing!

And once I made that statement the universe started to align it self with me. I have been finding, seemingly by accident, optimistic bright and very interesting websites. Books are coming to me in throngs concerning visualizing, healing diets, and by spiritual leaders and healers.


When the student it is ready, the teacher appears. And I am so ready! Ideas that just a few months ago, or even a few weeks ago I would have balked at I am now enthusiastically embracing. Things that seemed way too hard and not even remotely possible are now being pursued wholeheartedly.


What  made the difference? It is all in the attitude. II was being stubborn and close minded. I am now working on letting go of ideas that no longer suit me and embracing those that make total sense and I am so willing to try new things with a willing mind set and ready spirit.


One of the ways to enhance my optimism and joy is to not watch any news programs at least an hour before bedtime if at all. There are so many disturbing and depressing stories, all packed in a row that is a lot to digest, and the things that you think about just before going to sleep are what your spirit needs to work out. Good thoughts before bedtime create a much calmer life.

One of the biggest things that we can do to better ourselves is to pay attention to what we put inside our bodies , and since I have multiple sclerosis, and paralyzed on my left side and bending a lot of time in a wheelchair. I am particularly aware of doing whatever I can to control my own welfare. I have heard of diets that are particularly for people with MS, and never really paid attention to that before. So I guess if the universe pokes me enough times I really should pay attention, huh? Well, lately I have been swamped with information about MS and eating healthy. Granted, I’ve always been a healthy eater. I have not eaten red meat or pork for 35 years and I eat lots of vegetables.


There is still lots that I can do. And now I am willing and able to do it. I am determined. It may not be easy; we will see. All I can say is why the hell not? Anything that will help me to feel better, to move better, to be pain free and that I don’t actually have to see a doctor for silicate get loaded up with pharmaceuticals sounds pretty terrific right about now. I will keep you posted.

Substituting the word “and” in the place of that word  ” but”” is another way that I have increased my happiness  and decreased pessimism. Just switching those two little words changes the whole meaning of the sentence and I have made a conscious choice between the two. Whether I am speaking or whether I am writing. Try it. It really does make a difference.


And then, when it comes to Facebook and twitter. I am no longer posting or resending things that are negative. No more Fuck you and the horse you rode in on messages. Of course, some things are disturbing and yet informational and I am working on seeing what suits me and what doesn’t.

For some reason I’m being drawn towards bright and colorful pictures of nature and animals, laughing children. Now I am actually paying attention to what I am putting out into the world. Words are powerful and by flinging around words that are hurtful, mean, or hateful adds negativity, not only to yourself and the people or persons that you have hurt, but also to the universe and who wants to add that to the world? Not me!

I know that I am changing. I can feel it. And it is exciting and I am thankful for all the blessings in my life and that includes the spiritual teachers, to which I am drawn.


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If you are interested in learning more about how to get my book, if you  want an inspiring story, if you have a love of reading or if you need information about disabilities check out the Potty Mouth website. Thank you so much and I wish you well!

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And here is my favorite spiritual leader of all time! 🙂


Be Happy Everyone! Eat, Drink, and be Merry!


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One Response to Sending The Universe Some Love :-)

  1. A Dog With Fleas says:

    What a wonderful post. And I too am a firm believer that positive thoughts bring in positive results. Good for you for thinking more positively and eating better. Those two things alone make a big difference. Happy Thanksgiving to you!!

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