Optimism is a Conscious Decision :-)


Optimism is a Conscious Decision 🙂

Have you ever made a conscious decision to change something in your life? A very dramatic decision, one that will take you from the dark side of the street over into the light? A 180° turn, facing the opposite direction so that your thoughts are bright and shiny and no longer dark, pessimistic and dreary? Well, I did. I have decided to wake up every morning with a smile on my face. Even if I have to force it to remind myself of my blessings and not to dwell on my disabilities, my aches and pains and my worries.

Catching myself in my negative thinking is becoming easier and easier and I have been meditating every day. And now when one of those depressing gloomy thoughts come to me, which I realize is often. I just picturing as a cloud above me and just let it pass. And what is marvelous and what is amazing is that I feel lighter. I feel happier. I feel optimistic and more receptive to what the world has to offer.


My choice in reading material has changed from reading true crime novels to reading spiritual books by Eckhert Tolle, Wayne W Dyer and other spiritual leaders and Masters including Jesus Christ.  I am devouring them. Just can’t get enough, and an emptiness inside of me, something that is been missing is now being fulfilled and I know I am on the right path.

Every Sunday I have been recording Oprah Winfrey’s Super Soul Sunday and other inspirational television shows. Of course, I am still watching Dexter and Nurse Jackie and I don’t believe that just because I still have a potty mouth does not mean that I am not a spiritual person.

One of my favorite sayings is “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” All of these things, including postings and people and organizations are finding their way into my space on the computer. Like-minded individuals, seekers and teachers are coming to me at just the right time. And I am excited and amazed.


One door closes, another door opens. That is the way the world works. If you give up resentment there is room for forgiveness, for compassion. And that means to forgive yourself as well; to learn from the past mistakes and to move on. Wiser, happier and less stressed than before. And what’s better than less stress?

That is the number one reason for meditation. It is a great stress reliever without any hocus pocus or any special equipment needed. Just you and your self. There are lots of books about how to start meditating or take a class which is a great way to meet like-minded people. Spiritual or not, the class will be right for you. I took a meditation class many years ago and it was wonderful. Now I am ready to get back to a more spiritual path and in particular to help in my life living with MS. Wherever and however I am lead on my path in life I intend to live with joy, creativity, and giving in whatever way possible.


So, I see lots of wonderful, inspiring posts on Facebook and twitter. I also see some damn gloomy stuff and I have made up my mind to only pass along optimism and joy and hope and humor, and anything to lift people’s spirit and not to bring them down. I will post things that are colorful and hopefully wise. Don’t get me wrong, I will still occasionally curse and use profanity. Judge not lest ye be judged…

During that exceptionally long painful pre-election period I did not post anything that was political. I did not tweet, resend or in any way get entwined in any negativity. And now I’m glad I didn’t because I can still be friends with everybody! My goal is to stay away from anything that is dark,. gloomy, depressing or negative.

And most of all to keep our great sense of humor and to smile and laugh heartily. It’s good for what ails ya. 🙂


Dr. Phil has been very influential in my writing. One of the things that has stuck with me throughout the many years that I have been watching Dr. Phil is that he has stressed the importance of not using the word “but”. The reason being is that it totally erases anything that you have said before that dreaded word.  So, if you say to someone ,” I really like your hair color, but I think it should be a little darker. ” What that really means is that you don’t like the hair color. Or if you say to your husband.” I really missed you at Melissa’s party last night, but I understand were too tired to go. That could really mean that you did not miss him at all and are actually glad the lazy fucker stayed home so you could let down your hair for a change of have some fun.

Instead of using the word “but” I exchange it for the word “and” as the good Dr. suggests. Now I do that in all my writings and when I speak. ” But” has a negative vibe and “and” is an inclusive word that you mean both of the statements in the sentence. It always works. I like what it does, putting all of my words, written and spoken, on the sunny side of the page.

I edited the book I wrote, Potty Mouth carefully to avoid the word,” but” and I am quite sure although I won’t swear to it, that you will not find that word anywhere in the book I’ll have to go back and check that again. 🙂

The other great saying of Dr. Phil that I have taken to heart is ” Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy?” It puts many things into perspective. Again, thank you Dr. Phil.

This is one of those optimistic and inspirational things that I found online and wouldn’t this be a great thing to share with kids? None of these ideas cost any money and just reading the list with them is a great thing to do all by itself. Get some crayons and paper  and make your own list or add to this one or what ever. Have some fun!


I have shared my story in the book I have written Potty Mouth which you can now find as an e-book and as a paper back! It is available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Author House and in other fine bookstores everywhere.if you are someone with MS or if you know someone with MS give the book as a gift. 10% of all the book sales are  going to The MS Society. I want to be able to be someone who can say I helped to find a cure.


You can find me on Facebook  http://www.facebook.com/RenaeClare  – lots of great photos and information there.

The Potty Mouth page can be found at http://www.thepottymouthbook.com  where you can also hear a radio interview, which I think you will really enjoy, a couple of newspaper articles written about me and you will be able to see the book reviews.

I am always happy to communicate with like-minded people. And so you can reach me on my e-mail address, which is cherpik@Verizon.net.


If you go to the page listed above you will be able to hear another interview that I have done for the MS radio station.

And on this very blog. If you go to the post of Book Reviews you will be able to see and read all of the wonderful things that people are saying about my book which pleases me greatly and which is why I decided to publish the book in the first place; which is to reach people and to be able to help people and show a humorous side of MS as well is to show what MS can do to people’s lives and how really horrific it is. It is not a book whining or poor me… It is a book about triumph over adversity. This is a book for anyone who enjoys a good story. Whether you are disabled or not. Whether you have physical problems or not.




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1 Response to Optimism is a Conscious Decision :-)

  1. Henry(akaHank) Bonk says:

    Where do you find the time to do what you do? Don’t see how. There are not enough hours in the day for me. Needless to say, I’m not bored. Stress is not a problem for me. I’m a believer in the power of positive thinking. How else can one be a Red Sox fan? Read a lot, but don’t wa aste time
    with mysteries and other junk. Could polish up on my spiritual life. Have gotten lazy. Was an altar boy many years ago.
    That’s it for now.

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