The Top 10 Things You Should Never Discuss Online –



In these times of political strife, speeches and debates it’s sometimes hard to see the larger picture of how and where we fit into the world; into the universe. It’s gotten to the point that I just automatically delete anything on my Facebook, e-mail etc. that has to do with politics and to be honest with you, I am God damn sick of it. Too much already. And so when I came across this wonderful post on it really struck a chord.. The list is The Top 10 Things You Should Never Discuss Online. I have found that any of these things can become very alienating if you insist on bashing someone else’s point of view and then vehemently shoving your own down someone else’s throat. I am not talking about a calm conversation or a gentle reminder that it is not only a right but a responsibility to vote.

We all know people like this and it come in contact with this sort of thing online. Personally it just gets me agitated and so I just avoid those discussions and go along on my merry way.

The Listverse list has not only politics here but nine other fascinating things and the reasons why it is not a good idea to talk about these volatile subjects unless you really want to get into it. And you will !

Top 10 Things You Should Never Discuss Online.

I have listed below the link for the book that I have written entitled Potty Mouth which is my story about living with MS. It is not a gloomy story. It is filled with profane humor, hope, courage, and spirituality.  I am very proud of the book and I have several chapters of very practical advice for anyone with a disability, anyone caring for someone else or for someone who loves to read inspirational stories. It is now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Author House and other bookstores. And it is sold as a softcover book and also as an e-book. Enjoy! And please leave a review… I love to hear people’s reaction. And so far they have been excellent!

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