10 Greatest Mathematicians…Wonderful Posting!


Listverse is one of my favorite Internet sites. It is filled with so many wonderful and bizarre lists of interesting stuff., For example , the 10 Best Acceptance Speeches at the Oscars, The 10 Worst TV Spinoffs of All Time , and The Top 10 Mental Illnesses. I have picked a list which I have posted below, for the 10 Greatest Mathematicians, which I thought was fascinating, interesting and educational.

The best thing about the list, however, for me anyway, are the 460 comments that are posted. Damn funny! Many of the commenters are actually angry that the wrong persons were posted on the list. And I mean VERY upset!. One guy actually posted that there were no women on the latest which he found quite acceptable because he doesn’t think that women were smart enough to belong on the list. One guy posted that he was distraught that were no Chinese listed. Yet another that Russians are not represented and another said that he hates mathematics and another that he wanted to eat waffles! And of course there were replies to each and every one and yakkity yak… back and forth.

The whole thing is a comedy routine. Even if you hate math . This is funny as hell. Click the UR to see great photos, read awesome information and hilarious commentary.

10 Greatest Mathematicians

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