The Triumphant Story of Potty Mouth – an MS Survivor


I have the honor of doing an interview on the MS radio station! I’m not nervous about doing interviews but there is one thing that bothers me and that is that my voice has changed over the years since I have gotten MS. It’s just another one of the crappy symptoms that have afflicted me. I can’t, of course, blame by use of profanity on MS, not that I need to have an excuse because sometimes it takes a little bit of ooomph to get my point across.

It’s kind of funny, I guess, by use of curse words every now and then since I was raised in a very staunch Catholic family. Naughty words were not allowed and any sort of sassing back or using a bad word was punishable with our mouths being washed out by soap. It was god-awful and it took a long time to get the suds and the chunks of soap that got stuck in our teeth to finally rinse clear. And I’ll tell you one thing for sure; it did not help one little bit to keep us from doing the same things over and over. It just made us angry and justifiably sad.

So anyway, you will hear my voice although I will keep the naughty  words in check even though the book is entitled Potty Mouth. Wish me luck kids! Another exciting adventure awaits! Writing the book was very cathartic and the process of writing itself is a form of therapy and healing for me. When I write I use a voice recognition program for the computer because I am no longer able to type. An immense blessing. Having MS is different for all of us who suffer this dreadful disease and in the book I talk about very harsh and intimate things that  I had never spoken about before. Things that have happened to me since starting on this journey with the beast.

And now I am sharing what I have learned along the way with the hope that it will help a great many people. Since there are so many things that I can no longer do, writing and publishing this book has been an incredible feat and one that I never would have been able to accomplish were it not for the fact that I have multiple sclerosis.

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  1. Lori Kiker says:

    wishing you luck

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