Nine Year Old Piano Prodigy


9-Year Old Piano Prodigy Gavin George

This little boy, Gavin George shown in the link above, is only nine years old and has been playing piano since he was 3.  At the age of 2 1/2 he learned how to read. Can you even imagine what it would feel like to be blessed with a child like that, with a genius aptitude that is almost beyond comprehension? Or certainly beyond my comprehension. Fortunately this little guy has parents are up to the task, who are very smart themselves and have the knowledge, finances and wisdom to do the right thing.

And, it seems that they are raising a great little boy and not just a little prodigy. If you were to watch him play baseball you would never in 1 million years be able to guess where his talents lie because he is just an average nine-year-old kid. Well, not exactly average. Watch and listen to him playing the piano. I hope someday to hear him in concert. He gives me goosebumps.


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2 Responses to Nine Year Old Piano Prodigy

  1. Henry Bonk says:

    Wow! I took lessons from my sister Ann when I was ~10 and talent was lacking. Ann went on to music school at Yale. I settled for the slide trombone.

  2. renaeclare says:

    Hi Hank, lol! So were you a trombone prodigy? Very impressive about your sister… You are truly accomplished. Hoping that you are well.

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