Seven Things About Me Award Nomination!


I’m just tickled pink because I have been nominated for the “Seven Things About Me” blog award by A Dog With Fleas blogger. Here is the message she sent to me to let me know and I am honored

Hello there friend.  Just wanted to let you know I nominated you for the “Seven Things About Me” Award.  I absolutely love your blog.  Thanks!!

Isn’t that cool? Even the camel is delighted by this wonderful surprise!

So here’s what’s required to accept this award:

1.  Thank the blogger who nominated you.

2.  Share seven things about you.

3.  Nominate other bloggers you think deserve the award and post on their blog to let them know they’ve been nominated.

1. I am a published author of the book Potty Mouth which is a memoir of my life living for 40 years with multiple sclerosis. I have a wicked sense of humor and that is the number one thing that is kept me going for all these years.


2,  Life in a wheelchair ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. It is however, my life and I want my able life back!


3. Yes, What more can I say than this…


4.  Being an American, I feel blessed having been born in this country for we have the freedom to be anything we want, to write anything we want, such as the Potty Mouth book and to say whatever we want! And as long as we harm no one, or at least not intentionally we are living the American dream.


5.  I was born and raised on a farm in North Dakota. I am a pioneer woman at heart although I was never meant to be a farmer. I grew up with parents who raised everything themselves, beef cattle, chickens, grain crops and every kind of vegetable imaginable. So  it is probably surprising that I do not eat red meat having been raised on a beef farm. Image

6.  Okay! Okay! So I do curse intermittently as the case warrants even though I do not consider myself a crude or crass woman. I am who I am and particularly when I am writing the language just flows. I use a voice recognition program in order to write and sometimes it will make a really terrible mistake and refuses to curse for me and I will have to train it to do so. For example it took a long time for the program to learn the word fuck! But now it does so easily and that makes me happy.


7.  I am basically, at heart, a spiritual person and believe that any burden that we have in this life is there for us to learn and grow. So, having gone through all the trials and tribulations of my life you would think I would be a very wise person. Ha Ha! I am doing the best I can with what I have been given. The process of writing Potty Mouth was cathartic and cleansing and I learned much about myself along the way.

There are so many awesome blogs and I am going to nominate several that have been important to me giving the information, wisdom and the peace of knowing that I’m not alone and there is always someone to listen.

1.  Brass and Ivory… Blog by Lisa Emrich

2.  Multiple Sclerosis…Blog by Travis Gleason

3.  My New Normals… by Nicole Clark Lemelle

Dr. Seuss would be my next nominee if he was still alive and blogging. He was brilliant and left the world a much richer place than when he left us. Here is the little piece of what he gave us; not just for children but for everyone.


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