Interview With Inspirational Author, Renae Clare

The first thing that I must do before I even start to write this blog is to set the stage. This is how I’ve got it all set up in my mind. It is a gorgeous night in the city with the streetlights reflecting all the colors of the rainbow into the pond where the event will be attended by a large variety of people. Among those invited are dignitaries, people from MS groups including the MS society and a special area set at the front of the stage for people with disabilities of all kinds.


I am giving a very important and anxiously  awaited interview by Steve Jorgenson, the famous and revered celebrity host. I don’t claim to be a notary or nearly as famous nor as brilliant as those quoted beneath. I do, however claim to be an MS survivor who has written a book entitled Potty Mouth of which I am very proud.

The interview can be heard from the Potty Mouth website on the upper left-hand side. You will hear my voice and you will get to know much about me and about the book. I am paralyzed in a wheelchair and my voice is been affected by MS but don’t let that throw you off. I am a real person and I don’t pretend to be anything that I am not.


Steve Jorgenson has such a wonderful voice and he made me feel completely at ease. The interview was live on the radio on July 29 on and was a total success! I hope you enjoy it as well.


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