Baby Elephants


How proud the mothers of these two baby elephants must be!

Did you know that elephants are the only species of animal other than humans who gather together to mourn the death of one of their group? I have seen nature shows where they have been videoed doing this and it is so touching and amazing to watch.

Elephants are also a very social animal living in groups where all of the females will take care of new babies regardless of who is the mother. The babies are born at about 290 pounds and 3 feet tall and must be taught what to do with their trunks, sometimes even tripping over them. Often times they use their trunks as a pacifier and isn’t that just too cute? The skin of the babies is very sensitive and so often they walk underneath their mothers in order to stay in the shade and to avoid getting a sunburn.

I started to watch an animal video on YouTube and now I could spend the whole day watching one after the other. Baby elephants, baby gorillas, baby hippopotamus-es and any other baby of any species you would like to see. It’s a wonderful way to enjoy your lunch hour.

Someone may ask you what the hell you have been doing all day long, particularly if you have been at work and pissing away the time when you should be working on those time sheets or unloading the truck. You can just say that you have been doing some research for a project you’ve got going on or for the betterment of mankind.

Or you can just show them the pictures of the baby animals and who the hell can resist that?

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2 Responses to Baby Elephants

  1. msanotherway says:

    haha an excellent way to spend your time 🙂

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    I wonder how much effort you put to create this type of great informative web site.

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