It’s Never Too Late!


I’ve decided it’s time to put on my big girl pants, grow some bigger balls, get my name out there in  lights and take some chances.

At my last session with Dr. Cinzia I discussed with her what I felt was holding me back from what I really want to happen. I think it’s first important to realize that I am paralyzed on the left side of my body from this God damn MS, that I have various degrees of pain, and I have this constant fucking brain fog. After explaining all of that Dr. Cinzia, the proverbial lightbulb went off on top of my head and I realized that none of those particular symptoms of MS should stop me from being a writer. A successful published author.

For gods sake, I have written a book and it’s already been published! So wouldn’t you think the easy part is done? No, it is not! The hardest part is to get the message out there into the world; to be proud of what I have accomplished and I realized that I have a very important message to spread.

The Message of Potty Mouth is that my inner spirit can get me through anything. That my inner strength can reach heights I never thought possible. And that my inner being is much more than my week and trembling body. I am a strong person and rather than hiding in the shadows or behind the label of multiple sclerosis I will herald myself as a survivor and shout it to whatever avenues are opened up to me. To welcome the chances that are put at my door step without hesitation, without cringing, without worry, without angst.

I will speak in the language of optimism believing in myself  and in the message that I carry.

And so the lesson that I learned is that I have been afraid to take the bull by the horns. I’ve been afraid to really put myself out there. I’ve been afraid to fail and so instead of taking chances I am hesitant and making excuses of why it’s just too hard or how much I have to prepare because MS is such a fucking bitch!

Well, no more! This is where I draw the line________________________right here.

You are absolutely right  Dr. Cinzia. I have been acting like a pussy. I am now going to embrace my Potty Mouth and sell it with pride knowing damn well that it’s worth every cent x2. For anyone interested Potty Mouth  is now on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Author House and other booksellers. It’s never too late!

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5 Responses to It’s Never Too Late!

  1. Henry Bonk says:

    Atta girl. That’s been my attitude right along. Never give up, never give up. I’m fortunate that I can still walk a short way with a walker after 20 years of PPMS and have started OT/PT sessions at Gaylord hospital in Wallingford, CT. In additon, I exercise my brain with reading and other mental exercises. I’ve always been an optimist and not reason to change now.

  2. renaeclare says:

    hi Henry! Thank you so much for your wonderful and optimistic response to my post. I’ve been stuck in a rut lately and trying to rev up my brain response to whatever is going on around me. I see MS putting up roadblocks that I am having to swerve around in the brain fog that causes head-on collisions once in a while. I’m just picking myself up, wiping myself off and starting over again!
    Take care of yourself, Henry, and good luck in your physical therapy…

    • lori says:

      Bravo! I read your book and I have been telling everybody that will listen ablout it.

      I am now getting comfortable talking about my ms to friends and family. I am still working as a receptionist. I have found that memo sticky notes is my best friend. lol The other day, (Ive been here 5 yrs ) I answered the phone saying the newspaper I used to work. lol And it was my Boss!! He kinda just laughed it off but I am gonna make sure it dont happen again with my sticky notes..

  3. renaeclare says:

    hi Lori, thank you so much! Thank you for being my messenger! Would you do me a favor and post a review for me from wherever you got it? that would mean a lot.

    All my God, you just brought back so many memories of being a receptionist. I made mistakes like that too. I answered the phone as one of our competitors and my supervisor heard it from his office next door. And I am picturing you with your sticky notes all over the place. That was my crutch too!
    and by the way to do you like your boss?

    • lori says:

      Renae this is my review:

      I bought the POTTY MOUTH Book from

      I started reading the book at my desk at work. The first chapter had me in tears. I told my boss to read a few paragraphs. She agreed it was touching.

      I told her I am going to have to take this home in private and read it. I read it in two days.

      I think Renae is one of the bravest people I have ever read about. I will be the first to tell you it should be a movie. Especially, with all these new folks being dx ed. The things she went through I dont think a normal person could go throughmuch less a lady in a wheel chair. With strength and passion, she did it. Not only did she do it. Confined to a wheel chair unable to move her left side she did it.

      This book has made me be able to endour the little trials I am facing giving my shots every other day. when I get down I think of Renae. I think how she handled her ex es, I think of how she handled herself when she was abused, I think of how she got any where she wanted to go by bus even being handicapped. I now know No Matter What life throws you you can make it work. You can not afford to not read this book…
      Lori Kiker, Phenix City, AL

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