Mona Lisa And Me


This is me, 35 years ago. I know, I know; I still look so young and have hardly changed a bit. Of course, my hair is shorter now and I don’t dress quite as provocatively as I did back in the day. The days when disco was king, I was able to run 5 miles a day and I was still married to the man whom I call Fuckwad in the book that I have written entitled Potty Mouth.

Back then he would look lovingly into my eyes while he told me we would be together for ever and we were soul mates till the end of time. Hah!  What a bastard he would turn out to be as my illness, multiple sclerosis would get worse and worse. Having a disabled wife was just not in his plans and he treated me as if I were contagious, an embarrassment and a huge boulder who would drag him down with the ship.

But as you can tell from the smile on my lips I harbor no ill will. You can LOL right here.Okay, perhaps I do have just a little bit of pain and anguish and hurt leftover from that time period And maybe just a little bit of resentment where I really would like to slam his testicles with a sledgehammer. And believe it or not it has taken me 15 years just to get that this point and I am still going to therapy.

My mom’s favorite saying when she was still alive was “What Is, Is. And my dad’s favorite saying is “there is nothing so bad that you can’t find some good in it.”

Well, one really good thing that has come about because of all that trauma is that I actually wrote and published a book. My therapist, Dr. Cinzia Levalds, urged me to write something for every one of my sessions thinking that writing  would be very cathartic, very freeing for me to get all of that foulness out of me and put it on paper. And I did just  as she suggested and about a year into therapy she then urged me to get my writings published feeling that they could also help a great many other people. It took me a long time to get to that place where I to believe in myself enough to put all of my dirty laundry out into the public.

And that is how Potty Mouth came to life. As a series of essays that I wrote for psychotherapy sessions in order to heal the trauma from my own life. My book is now available for sale on Amazon, Barnes & Noble,  Author House and other booksellers as well. Thank you so much for looking. See my smile?  You have made me so very happy…

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