I’m Not the Boss of Me…



ImageI am so frustrated because we are having hardwood floors put into our house or I should say my daughter’s house because this is where I live. What should have taken a week get the most is now going into a month and when I keep having to remind myself is I am not the boss of anybody. Hell, I am hardly even the boss of me.

The contractor is a friend of my daughter’s friend and he came very highly recommended. Son of a bitch! Finally, today we were able to conneI am so damn frustrated because we have been having hardwood floors put down in our house, or rather my daughter’s house in which I lict our television. That’s right, it took almost a month for them to move the furniture around enough so that we can, once again watch our favorite shows. Brian, our roommate, set up Netflix so at least we would have something to watch in the meantime. You’re actually watching Ice Road Truckers. Not a bad show and certainly nothing that we would’ve watched had we not had trouble with the construction crew. Like my dad always says,”there is nothing so bad that you can’t find some good in it.”

Being confined to a wheelchair and needing help to get in and out of bed etc. etc. etc. I must rely on other people to do the most elementary things. thank God I am still able to wipe my own ass! And thank God I am right handed and still have the use of that hand! Without it I wouldn’t be able to sign my credit card statements, pick up a fork or spoon or even wipe away my tears of frustration when things get to be just a little too much.

One of the biggest lessons that I have had to learn is to give my problems up to God or a higher being or the universe as the case may be. So that’s what I have done with the floors. I’ve given the whole mishamagosh up to God and am learning to be patient once again. and, by the way, they look great! The job is almost done and as my home health care aide,  Tanay and I laugh every time they say something like that and we just say “we’ll see, we’ll see…” knowing that when they say they’ll be done tomorrow what they mean is an extra three or four days.

But, it’s in God’s hands and I’m not going to worry about it.

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  1. Phoenix Rising says:

    Send the above image to Cinzia Levalds.

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