No Gasoline Needed!

Posted on June 16, 2012


One of the good things about living life in a wheelchair is that I don’t have to spend any money on gas. I am not driven a car in about seven years and to tell you the truth I wasn’t really crazy about driving in the first place. But what I really I do miss, however, is getting to the place I want to go, when I want to go there and how I want to get there.

To have to rely on someone else really really sucks. I am, of course, blessed to be in an area where there is public transportation for wheelchair ridden and disabled people. The Para-transit bus arrangements have to be made at least a day in advance and then generally the bus comes pretty much on time and usually you have to take a circuitous route and eventually get there relatively intact. you just never know how your ride is going to go.

I guess like most of the general population there is quite a mixture of bus driver personalities. You would think that one of the top criteria to be a driver for disabled people is strength, patience, and being a people person. But then again you would be wrong… I’ve had a couple of bus drivers who really would be better off being a prison guard in a high-security institution or perhaps one who collects snake venom for antibodies.

I had one bus driver, bless his heart, who was so obese he couldn’t even lean over to connect the safety chains on my wheelchair. It took quite a bit of time and I was very uncomfortable not only for him but also for me but he finally got her done. by the time he got that part done was sweating so profusely I thought he was going to have a heart attack and I was going to have to be the one to drive him to the nearest hospital! I really did feel bad for him; he seems so terribly uncomfortable even getting in and out of his driver seat.

I would so much rather be an enabled person and pay those exorbitant gas prices! I would do it willingly and with a smile. Driving really is a privilege. It’s like everything in life I guess. You don’t know what you’ve got until you lose it. Oh, How I would love to have that back!

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One Response to No Gasoline Needed!

  1. Hi Renae!

    I have almost finished reading your book – it’s just FAB!!!

    I will message you when I have finished it :):)

    I miss driving too,though like you, I didn’t really enjoy it but the independence it gives is sooooo much missed.

    Love and hugs


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