So You Think You Can Dance…


Oh my God! How beautiful! How beautiful! I just watched So You Think You Can Dance on TV. And no I don’t think I can dance.I have MS and I’m in a wheelchair. This is my favorite show and I dance in my heart, in my soul. I cried with the movement, the feeling, the story.

One of the people trying out for the show has autism and he danced his story and it was touching and beautiful and yet again I had tears in my eyes. He didn’t make it onto the next round and yet he got a standing ovation from the crowd and from the judges for his bravery and for being able to express himself against all odds. Just telling his story here is choking me up and tears are welling in my eyes. And the camera panning over the audience showed the emotion of everyone in the crowd.

The dexterity and beauty of movement that so many of the dancers brought to the stage just touches me so deeply. I too, used to love to dance and it brings me such joy to see it brought to an art form. The human body is a form of beauty. Even when we are not so pretty or are broken or  stiff and can barely move, even then what we bring to share with others is beautiful and artful and worth sharing.

We all have a story to tell and we all tell it in unique and different ways. You may be a potter, a cook or a carpenter. I am a writer. I write this blog almost every day and that brings me some sort of satisfaction and peace in what I do. I have written a book,Potty Mouth and it too, came from a place of pain and tears as does most art. The beauty of what the human spirit can do in times of trouble. Even though I don’t think I can dance I know I can write.

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One Response to So You Think You Can Dance…

  1. afoster6918 says:

    you are an awesome writer! and I bet you can twirl in your chair too;) ❤

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