MS Potty Mouth


It’s been about three years now since I first started going to therapy with Dr. Cinzia Levalds. Before going to each session I would write something usually on an odd piece of paper I had laying around in various colors and shapes, written in my almost illegible handwriting and I would read it to her, I would usually have tears streaming from my eyes crying like a baby reliving whatever I had written about. Many times it would be about my ex-husband and a very trraumatic divorce that I went through with that fucker.

After about a year of going to psychotherapy sessions Dr.Cinzia recommended that I compile all of my writings, put them into book form and get them published feeling that they would help a great many people. At the time I couldn’t even fathom that anyone would be interested in not only my trauma but the way in which I wrote about it. My dear Dr. assured me it was so and that is how I gave birth to Potty Mouth It was an extremely hard and painful labor but now I am ready to present my newborn to the world.

Some people might wonder why I would name my baby Potty Mouth. Well I will tell you. It’s because I curse like a sailor throughout and it seemed only right that I warn the public what they were getting into. Much of the writing was done to heal from that dastardly bastard, my ex-husband. He met a woman on the Internet, had an affair, and left me with my MS getting worse and worse. And so actually, I had no problem at all having a potty mouth in my therapy never thinking that it would actually turn into a book.

I am now in the process of marketing my beautiful Potty Mouth and believe me when I tell you it’s a lot harder than actually writing the book. But I won’t bore you with the details. Just know that it’s been a mother– cker.

Every week that goes by I get more and more anxious about the book coming out. It seems like it’s been going on forever and now it seems as though the end is near at last for its coming out birthday party. Check out the website below for more details about me as an author and about my newborn, Potty Mouth. Thank you so much.


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