Take My MS, Please!


I wanted to use this sign more times than I care to remember. It’s amazing how many people, particularly healthy young men who drive convertible sports cars, and you know what you are, will take a handicapped parking spot so they don’t have to walk the extra 20 steps to get to the supermarket door. It drives me crazy!

Couple of times I actually went into the store with my cane or walker and complained to the customer service desk who would then tell the security officer. Hah! That never got me anywhere and when I went outside of course the car would be gone and the security officer had done absolutely nothing about it. Not even a scolding. Not even a slap on the wrist.

Back in the day I lived in an apartment with the front door at least 30 feet from the handicap parking spot which I had asked for and finally, after much haranguing with the apartment complex, had gotten. There were times when someone would park in that spot for days and I never found out what was. My daughter finally put a sign on the front windshield stating that he/she was parked there immorally and to move the God damn car so from a handicap mother could get safely to her home.

We finally had to call the apartment manager to get that car moved but we never found out who that was or why the hell he found it necessary to park in a handicap spot. Illegally parked asshole.

If I had a copy of that sign back then I would’ve stapled it to my forehead and maybe then you have got some results. Probably not. I would just have had some nasty staple marks on my head get some strange looks from the owners of the fancy sports cars parked in a handicapped zone.

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