MS Rastafarian …


MS Rastafarian Pizza Delivery
I was at the doctor’s office yesterday and waiting for the Para-transit bus to arrive and take me back home when I saw a guy from across the parking lot obviously delivering pizza. He looked to be in his early 20s but it was hard to tell because he was very tall, very skinny, had dreadlocks down to his waist and his pizza delivery cap was covering his face.
 Now this kid is  white, certainly not from Jamaica and his Rasta hair was only thick enough for two thin braids tied tightly together with a rubber band behind his head.  God strike me down if I were to place a judgment on this guy but I sure hope he wasn’t smoking in the car. I am not talking about cigarettes; I’m talking about the ganja. Bless his heart, he’s got a job and is probably doing the best he can but to tell you the truth, all I could think of was that I wanted to drive up behind him in my motorized wheelchair with a garden pruning shears and whack off those stupid pathetic looking braids
I’m certain there are Rastafarian somewhere with MS who fall intermittently, stumble often and look like they’re drunk while walking around Wal-Mart in the frozen pizza aisles.
Certainly, no self respecting Rastafarian would be caught delivering pizza to a white man/woman.
I too, have stumbled, tripped, fallen,  and hung on for dear life to a cane or walker before I became wheelchair ridden. MS can strike anybody at any time. It’s a really nasty fucker and I don’t like it. Maybe that Rastafarian dude in the parking lot has MS and he was on the way to his doctor’s office,bringing him a pizza as a sign of peace and goodwill; hoping that his doctor had good news. I wish him well.
I too, have MS and know what it’s like to fall down unexpectedly in the middle of a supermarket or in the middle of a workday in front of a lot of very shocked people. Another OH Crap moment.
I would like you to take a look at the link below to check out the book that I have written, Potty Mouth which is about a woman disabled with multiple sclerosis who faces life challenge with courage, wisdom and a profane sense of humor. And that’s me with the potty mouth. Thanks for looking.
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