A Kick in the Head


A Kick in the Head

MS can be a wallop in the head, a hard pill to swallow, or a kick in the ass. Sometimes it’s a combination of a kick everywhere until you feel beaten to a pulp  by a gang of underage thugs. I prefer to get a kick in the pants so that I can keep myself moving and improving and doing.

I don’t want to sit around all day moping , groaning and whining. That’s not who I am and it certainly is not what I am meant to be. When I am 90 years old and don’t look a day over 75 I expect to still be writing a blog and working on a book entitled Potty Mouth V and traveling to Walgreens in my trusty old wheelchair.

I’ve written my first book entitled Potty Mouth with the subtitle of  “a woman disabled with multiple sclerosis meets life’s challenges with courage, wisdom and a profane sense of humor.”  And that woman is me. The book will be released shortly,  by the end of May if all goes well. I am very excited about the fact that I have actually written and published a book while having this goddamned shitty disease and all of the symptoms that go with it.

Potty Mouth was written in the course of my psychotherapy. I wrote something before each of my therapy sessions, took all of my essays and compiled them all into book form. And that is how I gave birth to a potty mouth true life saga. It’s been a hell of a ride and without going to therapy I would not be the woman that I am today. A foul mouthed MS ridden 60-year-old woman with a hand basket attached to the back of my wheelchair surely on my way to hell  And I wouldn’t change a thing.

Here is the link. Press now to find out more about me and my Potty Mouth book. http://www.thepottymouthbook.com

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