Peeing in My Pants


We are all coping the best we can, with this godforsaken shitty disease, multiple sclerosis. For some of us that means trying to get over the brain fog, trying to figure out what to do moment to moment when your mind just can’t wrap around what to eat for breakfast, or how you’re going to maneuver getting to the toilet. And I am not kidding, because for me having to poop means calling my home health aide and having to lift me on to a bedside commode. It’s just one of many times when humility is called to the forefront. MS is not for the faint of heart

I can recall those days when I was at my job as a receptionist and I would have to call for backup when I had to go to the bathroom and if my replacement would take a little too long in coming to relieve me. I would have to shove paper towels, napkins and tissues into my pants so I wouldn’t pee all over my chair. I had just hope that they wouldn’t have secret cameras put in  the office to keep an eye on me. and then send in  the footage to be shown on You Tube showing my abhorrent behavior to everyone, including my boss. Thank God that didn’t happen because I needed that job, if only for the health insurance.

I have learned much along the way with this horrid disease. Not the least of which is being patient with myself being kind to myself and not beating myself up for things I just can’t help. And peeing in my pants is just one of them.


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3 Responses to Peeing in My Pants

  1. lori says:

    I can so much relate to this as I am a receptionist.

    • renaeclare says:

      hi Lori, well, I hope it doesn’t happen to you too often because it really sucks when you have to go so bad and you can’t just get up and go. are you still able to be mobile? We have to be thankful for each and every thing we are still able to do, right? I wish you all the best and thank you for your comment.
      Renae Clare

      • lori says:

        Yes girl I am still mobile. I plan to stay this way lol If I can. I am a newby so I have to depend on you guys to fill me and give me a few laugh on the way.

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