Good News!


Right now I’m so happy I don’t even know what to do! I’ve written a book entitled Potty Mouth, I self published and now I am holding the very first copy in my hand and it is absolutely awesome. I worked so hard getting this done and  getting a cover that I just love and it’s even going to be sold on Amazon! There are a few things left to do in order to get it ready for sale and of course there is a ton of marketing to do. But the fact that I have actually written and published a book and it is in my hands is the most amazing feeling. So now boys and girls in just a couple of weeks you too can be holding this gorgeous book, Potty Mouth in your will be available in paperback and as an e-book. It’s 308 pages long.and God am I proud!Here I am sitting in my wheelchair, paralyzed on my left side because of this god damn multiple sclerosis and having overcome a deep depression and thoughts of suicide to actually doing something so incredible, in my eyes, sitting here with my Potty Mouth I am really overcome with emotion. I hope everyone will buy a copy and read it. You’re going to love it.
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